When the temperature is low, your garage door might not be functioning the way that it should. You might have experienced this once or twice. You can always opt to have your overhead garage door repaired, or you can check what the problems are first. Here are a few common issues why your garage door won’t open when it gets cold

Contraction of metal

When the weather is cold, metal contract, it is not just the spring, but all the metal components of your garage door. One way to solve this is to apply lubricant on anything metal especially the hinges and springs.

Grease that went hard

During cold weather, grease will harden, and oil is essential in the maintenance of the garage door function. You may use a solvent that is silicon-based to help soften the greases.

Misaligned tracks

Extreme temperatures may cause the tracks to break or malfunction. Once it does, it is a good idea to call an expert to repair the problem.

Spring that is broken

Since spring is involved in most doors for the garage, there comes a time when these springs will break and be worn out. Also, hire a professional for any spring repair as this may be risky for one that is not familiar with how to repair it.

Weather seal may freeze

The strip will slowly peel off, and this will compromise the insulation of the garage door. When this happens, often brush the snow away to avoid damage.

There are a lot of things one can do to prevent any damage to the garage door and its parts like putting lubricant on the hinges from time to time. But if the damage is a little extreme that you would need an overhead garage door repair in Chester County, contact a professional like Smoker Door Sales to ensure that your garage door will function adequately.