If you’re planning on renovating your bathroom or building a new bathroom in your home, it is a good idea to keep yourself abreast of the latest trends. Most people in the world consider the bathroom to be one of the most sacred rooms in the home since it is the place where the morning starts.

To get some inspiration, here are some of the most notable and timeless trends that you can think about before you get your bathroom remodel in Rancho Cucamonga.

Interesting and Unique Mirrors

There’s no doubt that a mirror is a must-have for any modern bathroom. However, you can go above and beyond the simple framed piece of glass that most bathrooms have installed. Try using a mirror that has a unique shape to it, like a rounded or star-shaped mirror. You can also have it hanged or mounted in a unique way that adds character to your bathroom.

Marble Floors

Marble has been used and sought-after by homeowners for so many years because it adds class in the most simplistic way. It can instantly make anything look ten times more expensive than it actually is. When working with an expert designer, you can discuss which type of marble is best for you and your style, along with how you want to actually bring it into the theme. Some people use marble wallpaper to save money, while others only use it as an accent in the decor.

Wood Floors or Wood Shower

Wood bathrooms are mostly seen in places like wood cabins. While it is most popular in that area, there are ways your expert designer can bring wood into your theme without making it look like a cabin bathroom. Wood is one of the best things to use in your decor if you’re looking for an earthy or bohemian-like vibe. Follow our Twitter page.

If you’re looking to work with an expert and create the bathroom of your dreams, consider getting your bathroom remodel in Rancho Cucamonga done professionally by LA Carpet.