Replacing old countertops is more affordable than many people think. Homeowners find that they can afford new countertops when they consider countertop refinishing from Baltimore, MD, countertop companies. For homeowners who aren’t too sure about this process, here are three things countertop refinishing companies want their customers to know.

Significant Savings

People who choose refinishing can save as much as 60% on the overall cost. The refinishing process doesn’t require as much time or labor, which lowers the cost. Also, the material costs are much more affordable.

Choose from Numerous Materials

Often, property owners dismiss the idea of countertop refinishing because they’re under the impression that they’re limited to a few styles. This simply isn’t the case.

Countertop materials are available in wood, natural stone, epoxy, and laminate. The refinishing process does vary depending on the material chosen. Therefore, homeowners want to discuss their project in greater detail with the refinishing company.

Extends Countertop Lifespan

Refinishing a countertop doesn’t just change the look of a person’s kitchen. It also extends the life of countertops by 10-15 years when done by a professional contractor.

Do-it-yourself countertop refinishing is never recommended. There are too many variables that affect the outcome. The last thing a homeowner wants is for their beautiful new countertop to crack or come apart after spending time and money installing it.

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