Termites can literally bring the house down when they inhabit the house in a large number of colonies. Often, termites do damage before they are noticed. However, if the homeowner is looking for signs of an infestation they will be able to see a dirt tunnel on the side of the foundation which the termites use to enter the house. This is not the only sign, but it is the most noticeable sign to the homeowner.

Termites will work on eating the wood which supports the house, but they are equally avid eaters of wood in furniture. Homeowners can find themselves setting on a nice piece of upholstered furniture that suddenly starts to weaken at the wooden joints.

Termites living in interiors walls will create a little hole in the wall to use for pushing out their droppings. A little pile of this may be noticed on the floor and then a little hold in the wall above it will be seen. This is a sign that the termites have an active colony in the wall, and there are likely to be other colonies present.

The best method of dealing with a termite problem is to prevent it. Termite Control in Wellington, Florida can provide a recommendation for hiring a termite inspector. A trained and experienced inspector knows where to look for termites inside and where they may be on the outside trying to get in. Homes in many areas including Virginia have an annual termite inspection. The inspector can also notice anything in the yard which may invite termites.

Termite Control in Wellington, Florida companies use a combination termiticide and insecticide that termites cannot detect. The termites cannot taste, smell or see the this product. They cannot avoid it. Termites come into contact with and ingest Termidor. Then they share it with the termites in their colony which helps to eradicate the entire population. This product keeps termites out for 15 years. The United States Department of Agriculture-Forest Service has conducted field tests and no damage has been done in concrete slab tests. It is safe for every part of the home.

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