Aluminum roll up cabinet doors are simple yet have a unique design that makes them ideal for the modern kitchen. They are typically made of pure aluminum which makes them more durable and very strong. Horizontal segments that are 25 millimeters in size typically make up the roll. The surface has a satin finish and we offer several metallic colors from which to choose. The segments can also be perforated so as to allow for ventilation inside of the cabinet. At The Kitchen & Bath Company, we can create roll up doors to meet the size and needs of your kitchen so you can have the kitchen of your dreams.

Benefits of Roll Up Cabinet Doors

These cabinet doors are very easy to use and help to create more usable space in the kitchen. We can work with you to create just the right size roll up door with smaller openings for just appliances and cookware to wider openings for easy access to a variety of grocery items, food stuff, spices, cereals, snacks and other items which can be stored in a pantry-like arrangement.

With many options for color and style available, these kinds of kitchen doors offer a wide range of differentiation and design, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. They can hide those unsightly appliances and other items typically kept on the kitchen countertop and make the kitchen more attractive and appealing and less cluttered.

Roll up cabinet doors in certain situations can also be safer than typical swing out doors that are used in kitchens. People in the kitchen can be freer to move around without concern of potentially being hit by someone else opening a swing out door.

We also have kits for installing these doors which can save money on expensive kitchen remodeling projects, enable you to install these doors with some of our assistance, and allow to remain in your kitchen while the door installation is being done.

Features of Aluminum

Using aluminum for these types of doors has its advantages as well. Compared to other metals, aluminum lasts longer and can maintain its original shine for many years. It is also a durable metal and can withstand the wide variety of activities that occur in the kitchens of today.

Aluminum is also cost effective by nature which is why we have chosen it as the material for our rollup doors. At Business Name, we can work with you to create right style of doors for you kitchen that will also stay your budget.

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