One of the not nice things about owning your home is the “nice prices” that come with having to do repairs. However, anything worth having is going to cost you to keep it. One of the items in the home that may need to be repaired is your furnace. There is a company that does furnace repair in St Louis who wants to help you identify when your furnace may just need to be replaced or when it could get by with repairs.

One of the first signs that your furnace needs some attention is the noise it makes. If you begin to hear a lot of loud squealing, banging or clanging noises, you may need to look at a loose belt, an ignition issue or perhaps an entire component of the furnace may need replacing. Another thing to look for as a possible sign is when the thermostat is no longer working. You are turning it up, and nothing is happening. Either your thermostat is going or gone, or something in your furnace refuses to respond. Either way, your furnace will need to be looked at. Another way that will get your attention one way or the other is the electric bill. When your bill has increased astronomically, you know something is not going right in the furnace department. It might be time to change the entire furnace or get an overhaul. Another thing that might be worth checking is the pilot light. If it is yellowish, you may have big trouble. Unlike in the snake combination (where yellow is mellow), yellow in a pilot light means that the gas combination is faulty and could signal carbon monoxide. Call a professional to check your furnace.

Classic Aire Care will come out to service your furnace in St. Louis. They do everything from routine maintenance on your unit to unexpected repairs to emergency services. They can meet all of your needs in air conditioning, heating, plumbing and drain cleaning. If you want to know more about the services of this company who does furnace repair in St Louis and other areas, visit at Classic Aire Care for more details.