Cats can be the loveliest of pets. However, their claws can be a nightmare on your furniture. While some kitties are really wonderful about sticking to a scratching post, others will go right to the arms and sides of your couches, sofas, chairs, and loveseats. If your furry friend has destroyed the furniture, it might be time to find shops that do upholstery repair in Chicago. Here’s how the general process for upholstery repair in Chicago goes.

Your Damaged Furniture Is Transported to the Shop

Some shops offer to pick up and drop off services if you cannot bring your furniture to them or pick it up from them. Others will refer you to a moving company that does side jobs for the upholstery business. Either way, the first step is getting your furniture to the shop so that the repair experts can take a look.

Assessing the Damage

If the furniture piece in question is fairly new, it will be rather easy to find a fabric that matches what is already on the piece. Then just a small part of the piece will be repaired by re-upholstering it. If no matching fabric can be found, or if the furniture is much older, you may have to choose a new fabric altogether. You will receive an estimate for the costs of the job.

In Two Weeks or Less the Piece Is Finished

Depending on how many other projects are in the works at the upholstery repair shop, it may take up to two weeks. Sometimes a simple repair takes only a day if the fabric can be found right away.