Pergolas are simple structures built on an open space, typically in your backyard or near your pool. They can be constructed on other areas of your property as well, depending on what you would like to use a vinyl pergola for. When checking out vinyl pergolas for sale, take not of the three things these pergolas can add to your backyard.

A Shady Restful Spot

The biggest reason for constructing a vinyl pergola near your pool is that it provides a shady spot out of the sun in the summer. You can put up a small table or deck chairs, and have a cool drink or a light lunch poolside under your pergola. There are many different styles of vinyl pergolas for sale that create the perfect shady restful spot in your yard and/or near your pool.

An Entertainment Space

A live band or musician can play under the pergola. You can entertain evening dinner guests

en plein aire under the pergola. You can set up a buffet, or host a small party rain or shine when you have a pergola.

Create a Hobby or Outdoor Work Space

Maybe you are an artist who paints. Maybe you like to garden but want to stay out of the rays of the sun when you transplant plants and plant seed trays outdoors. Whatever the hobby, the space provided by a pergola offers the opportunity to do what you love and get plenty of fresh air as you do it. Backyard & Beyond, LLC can help you do all of the above.