With the cost of heating and cooling homes going up constantly, homeowners are looking for methods to cut those high utility bills. One of the best methods is to look at all the ways heat is lost during the winter and exploring ways to cut that heat loss. Of course, the reverse is true during summer months, as no one wants conditioned air to escape. While there are several factors contributing to the energy efficiency of a home, one of the most obvious pertains to the type of windows used.

Older homes were typically constructed with single pane or entry level double pane windows, but neither of those options contributes much to improving a home’s thermal envelope. Today, homeowners expect more, and local companies, such as Pella Window Installation in Jacksonville FL are there to help. Pella, a standard-setting manufacturer, provides window products to meet the needs of virtually any home.

Primarily designed to replace aging wood windows, Pella provides a number of designs to match the architectural features of area homes. Wood windows are the standard in quality homes, offering beauty not available with other options. Local home exterior experts from Dream Doors and Windows also feature other top brands like Marvin, Sunrise, and Anderson when specific design challenges must be faced. Each of these top brands has loyal followers who tout their features.

For those wishing to try something, a little different, Sunrise windows provide a premium vinyl window option. The prices can be lower than traditional wood windows, and there are situations where minimizing the costs is critical. Designs are available that mimic the look of wood and come in a variety of styles. Discuss the options with a window professional to see if vinyl or wood windows would best meet the needs of a specific application.

Windows are only a part of a home’s exterior. When upgrading windows, replacing the siding and other exterior features at the same time reduces the overall cost of exterior updates. Don’t forget the gutters, doors, and roofing when considering any exterior updating. For Pella Window Installation in Jacksonville FL, contact the professionals today for an estimate. With new, quality windows, those heating and cooling bills won’t be as hard to deal with.

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