Styling a bedroom from scratch can feel a bit overwhelming. There are so many furniture options and styles, so how do you pick the essential pieces for you and your space while also making your bedroom fit your personality? Here are a few essential elements needed to create a beautiful environment in your bedroom.Bed

Quite obviously, you need a bed in your bedroom. Try and find a perfect bed frame and headboard that is timeless and classic, so you will not have to replace it in the coming years. Check out different woods that catch your eye, or maybe invest in metal.

Some bed frames even contain storage drawers, so if you have a smaller room and require more storage room, a bed with drawers may be an excellent choice for you. Consider investing in a larger mattress such as a king or California king if it’s within the budget. This is a great way to take your space to the next level.


These tiny little tables can save you so much hassle. Nightstands can hold your cellphones for safekeeping, alarm clocks, plants, lamps, and carafes. Nightstands truly can be lifesavers, and they can even become little centerpieces of your home. If nicely decorated, your nightstand can give you a sense of peace and happiness when you wake up and see them in the morning.


Dressers are always an excellent investment for storage purposes. A beautiful dresser can also hold a TV or other decorative items. A furniture store that has a wide selection of dressers is Ironwood Furniture. Located in Utica, New York, all of the furniture is Amish-made, so you know you are getting quality, trendy furniture.

Accent chair

If you have room, accent chairs add much character to a bedroom. A fun accent chair can become a private reading nook or a quiet place to work.


You can place a bench at the foot of your bed to add character. Some benches even have seats that lift up to reveal more hidden storage. Benches are great to store extra blankets and pillows and can even function as a place to rest as you put on shoes or get ready for bed.

Amish furniture makers often make a lot of high-quality benches. With a statement piece such as a bench, you want to ensure you are going with handcrafted furniture that you can trust to stand the test of time.

You deserve to have a bedroom that is also a cozy sanctuary. So go with high-quality Amish furniture built to be loved and cherished. Furniture from large companies is made in factories, often by machines. Knowing that your furniture is being crafted by hand makes your furniture pieces even more special (and even more reliable!)

Ironwood Furniture is your source of Amish furniture in New York. As a trusted furniture store, Ironwood Furniture has a piece of furniture for everyone and can help you pick the perfect statement piece for your bedroom. So check out Ironwood Furniture today to fall in love with your next bedroom addition.