Everyone wants to keep more money in their pockets for fun activities and adventures. So, it pays to know what to do to avoid expensive heating and cooling repair in Chicago. Here are some tips for getting more from one’s HVAC system and spending less on repairs.

Maintain the Unit

The number one way to keep one’s heating and cooling equipment in good condition is to maintain it well. To do this, schedule twice-yearly tune-ups from qualified service technicians. In the fall, the technician inspects and cleans the heating equipment. During the spring inspection, they check the AC system. If any problems are found during the inspection, the technician makes the repairs.

Get Prompt Repairs

Things like uneven airflow, no airflow, warm air when the AC runs, and weird noises or strange smells are all signs of something not being right. If the HVAC equipment isn’t working, don’t wait to get repairs. It’s always cheaper to repair problems when they first appear than to wait.

Help the System Do Its Job

HVAC systems do a good job, but they can use a little help once in a while to take some of the load off. For starters, install a new filter every 30 days. Dirty filters make it harder for HVAC units to do their jobs. Also, clean the AC’s outside condenser unit during the summer. Hose it down weekly as part of the regular landscaping maintenance routine.

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