Features of Home Alarm Systems

by | Sep 21, 2013 | Home Security

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12319653_xlHave you been considering a home alarm system for your Stockton, CA area home? If so, you are making a wonderful decision and one that will bring you peace of mind for many years to come. When you choose from home alarm systems in Stockton, CA, you will find that you can get a lot of features with the basic alarm set up. Gone are the days where these systems are simply a loud noise with the hope of frightening an intruder. These days, home alarm systems in Stockton, CA are quite technologically advanced. Here are some of the available features of these systems:

Monitored Systems

One of the most common features of alarm systems is the monitoring feature. With a monitored alarm system, your home will be monitored 24/7 by an electronic system. This system will be able to effectively monitor your home and alert a team of professionals at the first sign of trouble. At that point, police will be dispatched to your home.

Fire, Flood and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Another feature that is available on many systems is fire, flood and carbon monoxide detection. If you are like most people in the Stockton area, you likely have smoke detectors as well as carbon monoxide detectors in your home, but these detectors will only notify you that there is a problem. When you choose to get fire, flood or carbon monoxide detection through a security center, not only will you be alerted to smoke or the presence of carbon monoxide, the fire department will be alerted as well. This allows them to come to you quickly, in a matter of moments.

CCTV Systems

Finally, you will also find that you can get CCTV systems along with your basic alarm system for your home. A CCTV system in your home will give you the ability to place cameras in strategic areas, like in the driveway, around the pool or at the back door, which will allow you to see this area 24/7. This way, you can see exactly who is outside at any given time. You can also install them inside of your home which can be convenient if you have small children. Having a camera in the play room, for example, will allow you to see them at any given time.

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