Pavement Needs Maintaining to Last Longer

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Paved parking lots, roads, driveways, and even sports surfaces have a nice appearances and make for smooth driving surfaces. Over time though, cracks and potholes show up. Crack Sealing Providence RI professionals are trained in the proper maintenance of pavement. Simple techniques prolong the life of the pavement and save money in the long run.

Preventative Pavement Maintenance services include seal coating. Natural and man-made forces wreck havoc on pavement, but a seal coat greatly increases the life of the road. Crack Sealing Providence RI teams spot deteriorating surfaces and add an emulsion made of rubber and coal tar. To help the coat last even longer, silica sand is often part of the mixture as well. Once the black seal is applied, the surface is protected and looks aesthetically pleasing too.

Water can easily penetrate pavement and cause major damage. Another preventative measure to take is to seal the cracks in the surface. This prevents the water from seeping into the base of the paved area and causing major damage which could lead to the need for replacement or major patches well before it is due. Professionals of Crack Sealing Providence RI recommend taking care of such problems as soon as they begin, since they will only become worse if not treated, especially in climates which often have freezing and thawing occurring.

When problems in surfaces are left alone, and as they age, dangerous issues can appear. When that happens, patches must be made to make the surface safe again. During the inspection of the area, a professional will relay information about the type of patch that is best for the situation. Depending on the type and severity of the problem, a polypatch, infrared, overlay, or conventional patch may be needed.

Full service maintenance companies also offer line marking once the sealing or patchwork is complete. Parking spaces, including handicap accessible, require precise measurements and accuracy. Companies create the accurate number and type of handicap accessible spaces based on the size of the parking lot. Besides the basics, many companies will even use custom colors and designs for paths and other paved areas.


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