Pool Surface Options When Resurfacing Long Island NY Pools

by | Aug 25, 2015 | Home & Garden

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Whether installing a new pool or doing Resurfacing Long Island NY, it is necessary to choose the type of surface for the pool. That is the material used to line the pool. The material must be able to withstand the weight of the water as well as all the chemicals without breaking, cracking, or fading. Here are some of the most popular pool surface options:


One of the most common pool surface options is to use tile. Tiles are cemented to the bottom and sides of the pool. Tile might seem fragile, but it can withstand the water. The color can also handle the chemicals for a long time. The great thing about tile is the many placement options. Pool installers can place the tiles into intricate designs that will show through the clear water. Visit here to learn more.


The cheapest pool surface option is to line the pool with plaster. It comes in many colors but isn’t very outstanding. To make plaster stand out more, the pool installers can toss in some pretty pebbles. The plaster can withstand the water and the chemicals for years, and the pebbles add color and beauty to the pool. Plaster and pebbles are mixed together before it is spread on the pool surface.


Quartz is a transparent rock that comes in several colors, including pink and yellow. It looks like glass but is much stronger. The transparent rock will reflect the light that hits the pool and create a mesmerizing effect on the water surface. Quartz by itself can’t be used as a pool surface. Instead, it is often mixed with cement so that it can be spread on the pool bottom and sides.


Quartz is stronger than glass, but glass comes in many more colors and shapes. It is possible to use glass for the pool surface. Usually, glass balls or beads are mixed with cement or plaster. The beads are stronger and can handle water weight better than thin sheets of glass. Just like the quartz, the colorful balls will reflect light in the pool to create a colorful shimmer while swimming.

Resurfacing Long Island NY pools gives pool owners the ability to choose a new, more beautiful surface. Visit Skybluepools.net for more information.

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