Signs that Garage Door Service Huntington WV is Needed

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Most homeowners use their garage doors on a daily basis; however, they rarely take the time to really inspect and examine its performance and condition. Instead, the attention is only focused on the garage door when something goes wrong or does not perform as it should. What the majority of homeowners fail to understand is that garage doors require frequent maintenance and inspection in order to continue functioning properly. Some signs that it is past due for Garage Door Service Huntington WV are highlighted here.

The Door Fails to Open or Close

If the garage door will no longer close or open with the control buttons, there is no question that it needs Garage Door Service Huntington WV. There are a number of reasons for this type of issue, such as a poor connection between the control panel and the door, or it could be the result of door malfunction. Prior to calling for service be sure there is nothing blocking it from closing.

Slow Response Time

It is essential to take some time to see how long it takes the door takes to respond to the commands. In most cases, it should begin to open or to close within a few seconds after the opener is pressed. Once it has been engaged, the door should close or open without any type of delay or hitching. If there is a delay in the operation, then it may be an indication that something is wrong with the opener or the door. It is a good idea to call for Garage Door Service Huntington WV.

Sagging Door Sections

It is a good idea to test the balance of a garage door at least once monthly. This will involve disconnecting the opener from the actual door and operating it manually. When the door is in the halfway position, it should not continue to fall or rise at all.

Business Name offers additional information about when service is needed. Taking time to recognize the signs of an issue is essential. Homeowners need to be aware of any issues to ensure that service is called for in a timely manner.

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