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Enliven your bathroom with bathroom accessories

Believe it or not, bathrooms have considerably contributed in the making of world, history, talents and geniuses! Seems absurd? Well,consider this; Archimedes had his ‘Eureka’ moment inside a bath tub. Closer home, there’s Saratchandra Bose and millions of those bathroom singers who cannot sing otherwise. Indeed bathrooms are often the hub of ideas, the birthplace […]

Tips to effective fireplace accessories

If you have installed a fireplace in your home, you might need a few accessories to go along with it. First thing you will need are hearth tools, and fire screen. These items are extremely necessary, as they insure safety of your house. Since large collections of tool set are available, it might be a […]

Chiseled Home Renovation Ideas to help you have your dream home

It is human nature to seek novelty. After a period of time, a feeling of boredom sinks in with everyday things. The same job, the same work, the same environment can suck away excitement and fun from life. It’s the same case with your house too. After a point of time, you feel the need […]

An insight on effective Landscape Design

When it comes to improvising different aspects or areas of a home, on an average, most people lay their entire focus on the interiors like bedrooms, living room, kitchens etc. There are only a relative few who pay attention to their backyard or garden designs. As they say beauty is first sought after with the […]

How to select wall décor for your home

Selecting décor for your wall is always an exhilarating task. After all, decor that you select for your walls should be such that you can look and appreciate it for a lifetime. The key here lies in selecting those wall decorations that you’d prefer most as well as it will blend to perfection with the […]

A few tips while decorating your interiors

Every home is unique in its own right. But it is the idea of taking that extra step and conceptualizing some exquisite interior designs to be extraordinary. While decorating your interiors, the added advantage of hiring an interior designer always exists. But that dilutes the purity and originality of your home. Adding your own ideas […]

4 Ultimate designs for home décor

A home that is well decorated may also fall short of that extra element that brings out its true personality. It does not take a horde of decorations in your home to exude its character. If you aim at bringing soul and character to your home, the following four designs should assist you – Colors […]

5 excellent ideas on decorating your garden

Gardens contribute in enhancing the beauty of many a home around the world. In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say that they pose as a demo or prelude to the sheer beauty in a home. Hence, their upkeep and decoration should be prioritized. Here are a few ideas to incorporate while decorating […]

Things to keep in mind while opting for outdoor furniture

The beauty of any garden, lawn or backyard appearance is enhanced two-fold by the outdoor furniture you choose. So, it is considered highly vital to pick the right set of furniture that can blend extremely well with your garden and bring out its true splendor. As this task is very time consuming, you need to […]

Bring in a new sense of style by remodeling your home

Your home may in all probability look spectacular, but that does not minus the possibility of revamping it once again. Here are some tips while you are on your way to remodeling Consult: Consult an architect when it comes to remodeling. With your inputs and proper consultation, you can have that dream home you are […]

Suggestions while remodeling your kitchen

The kitchen may be the least frequented of all rooms in a house by guests, but that does not rule out the possibility of improvising on its beauty. Why? Because, that is where you spend most of the time and you are worth a good kitchen. Below are some suggestions that you can incorporate while […]

Wall accessories add extra spark to your rooms

Mathematically, ¾ of our home consist of those layered brick and mortar structure called walls. And hence, decking the walls is definitely a good idea to flaunt your style. Wall accessories are those exquisite art work and designs that add a sense of ethnicity and style to your home interiors. Wall tapestries and décor are […]

The must have home décor furniture

A home is indeed the materialistic impression of a person’s character. It depicts the many moods, expressions, habits and nature of an individual. When we talk of personality of a home, there is nothing better than furniture to complement that. Furniture is practically a concrete soul of any home. So it is deemed necessary that […]

Gift Ideas for home decorations

Be it your friend’s anniversary or your new home warming; home décor gifts are always a welcome. There is a whole range of gifts and accessories that add life to a home. As said before, décor and accessories are clothing to homes and hence, you need to carefully select them in order to blend with […]

Guidelines for redesigning your bathroom

  Today, the bathroom is an integral part of anyhousehold and itno longer exists as just a utilitarian space to do your chores; it has now almost taken the shape of a spa, a center for relaxation, rejuvenation and leisure,reflecting the personality and tastes of its master! There is a wide-list of designs one could […]