4 Interesting Places to Hang Your Bedroom Mirrors in Mill Creek WA

by | Aug 21, 2013 | Furniture

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Everyone knows that a mirror placed above the dresser is a practical design addition, but there are other, more interesting places to put Bedroom Mirrors Mill Creek WA. Depending on the look you’re trying to create, a well-placed mirror can maximize light, open up a space or create an intriguing, seductive vibe. Keep reading about the best spots to place mirrors in the bedroom.

Above Your Bed

If you want an interesting and unique headboard for your bed, consider using mirrors. Three duplicate mirrors hung above the bed can create a strong focal impact that will replace the focal point a headboard usually provides. Just be sure to choose mirrors that are large enough to dominate the space, and look for rectangular or round shapes with frames that provide a bit of visual interest.

Across From A Window

If your bedroom isn’t as large as you’d like it to be, you can use mirrors to expand your space. A large mirror opposite your bedroom window will bring in light, and the reflection will help to expand the room’s small size. Using Bedroom Mirrors Mill Creek WA in this way is an inexpensive optical illusion that will instantaneously open up your bedroom.

On The Back of the Door

Adding a long mirror to the back of your bedroom door gives visual interest to a space that’s normally neglected. If your bedroom is small, this is an ideal place to put a full-length mirror that you can use when dressing. Just be sure that the frame isn’t overly thick or ornate, or it could become damaged when the door is resting against the wall.

Behind Candles

Bedroom Mirrors in Mill Creek come to life when they have candles lit in front of them. If you’re trying to create a romantic, sensual vibe, the reflected light will instantly double the number of candles that you’ve lit. This can create a relaxing, sensual atmosphere that will make your bedroom a peaceful refuge.

When decorating with Bedroom Mirrors Mill Creek WA, there are many places you can position your mirrors besides above your dresser. Effectively placed mirrors can literally transform your space, and they’re inexpensive and practical as well.



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