5 Signs That You Should Call In A Lawn Company

by | Jan 16, 2012 | Garden décor

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Lawn Company

Lawn Company

Your lawn can be a piece of art and you can get immense satisfaction from witnessing the results of your hard work. But sometimes, it just makes more sense to call a professional. There are some tasks that may be too tough or even impossible for you to perform without the tools and equipment that will be available to professionals.

1.If your lawn is starting to look like a bad hair day because you haven’t had the time to mow it, you may need to call an expert. Lack of time is the single most reason for neglect of lawns.

2.If you have been putting off bringing chemicals into the home to fertilize your lawn, you may need a confident professional to do it for you. A well-maintained lawn needs chemicals that professionals will be able to apply more efficiently and with greater safety than you can. It may make more sense to hire experts who are licensed to work with these chemicals rather than risk harm to your family and yourself.

3.If, every time you attempt to work in your lawn, you are left with an aching back, it may not be worth the effort to do it yourself. You may not be able to enjoy the fruits of your efforts as well as if you had someone to do it for you.

4.If you need aeration, but don’t want to take the trouble to do it yourself. It will involve using aerating tines to pull out plugs of earth from the ground. This can be hard work. Tines are like forks that have hollow or solid cylinders that must be pushed into the ground with the foot and then pulled out again. The holes that are left behind help to let in air, water and nutrients into the ground.

5.If you have a thatch problem that you have been putting off for a long time, you need professional de-thatching. This is done with the help of cutting the thatch layer through with blades and removing the layer completely. This must be done at the right time of the year in order to let the lawn grow back well.

When you have finally decided to hire the services of a lawn company, Concord MA Yellow Pages can be a good place to start looking for services. Be careful when you hire – you should be able to pay only for the services that you need. Make sure that the company is licensed to use the pesticide applicators they employ. Your friends and acquaintances may be able to recommend companies with good reputations. You can also check to see if they are listed on the Better Business Bureau and have any complaints against their name.

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