A Brief on the General Duct Cleaning Process in Rockville

by | Sep 29, 2012 | Cleaning

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If you are in Rockville and have chosen a professional air duct cleaning company, prefer the one that has a lot of experience and certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). You may be wondering what processes entail a proper and efficient duct cleaning: Will the company be shifting positions of furniture and household equipments? Or will they bring heavy equipment into your home? These questions are valid and will be answered in the article below.

  1. Inspection of Ducts

Any certified duct cleaning companies will begin the process by assessing the ducts. Knowledge of what they will be dealing with is important in determining the duct cleaning equipments. The type of debris found in your ducts will be dependent on the inhabitants of the house. Most of the time dust, fur of pets and rodents, pollen, molds and allergens are the most prevalent debris in ducts. The inspection may entail removal of duct covers, debris sampling and optical inspection using cameras or mirrors. Depending on the type of debris found within the dents, the professionals will determine which cleaning agents and equipment to use for the job.

  1. Cleaning of the Ducts

Duct cleaning in Rockville is majorly automated and in most cases the equipments will not inflict much distraction in your living space. The common duct cleaning equipments are: Vacuums, brushes, filtration systems, duct cleaning agents and high pressure hoses. These equipments are powered by either a truck or gas powered generators. Sometimes if there was presence of bacteria or molds in your air ducts the cleaning company may have sample bags to collect samples for lab analysis. In the event that there is a bacterial or microbial presence within the ducts, the cleaning process may be delayed to get a full report on the data analysis. Shifting of furniture and household equipments may not be very drastic as long as the cleaning crews and some equipment have clear access to air ducts.

  1. The Actual Cleaning Process

The duct cleaning process is basically a stepwise procedure. First the duct cleaning crew will loosen the debris within the ducts using brushing systems and cleaning agents. The loosened debris will be sucked out of the vents using high pressure air hoses or vacuums. The debris will always be sucked out of the ducts and trapped outside. Finally there will be application of special biocides, sealants and anti-mold agents.

Basically that is what entails duct cleaning in Rockville. Depending on the state of your ducts and measures you may want to install to prevent potential contamination of ducts. Installation of filtration systems, fluorescent lights within vents and dehumidifiers will help in waterproofing your ducts, reducing humidity and preventing growth of molds. A professional cleaning company will always inform you on what they found within the ducts and how they are going to deal with it.

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