A Successful Move Begins with a Single Checklist

by | Feb 7, 2012 | Home Decor Products

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The one thing you should NOT do when you’re planning a move is procrastinate. While most people dread moving and all that it involves, the more you wait until the last minute, the more hectic it becomes and the greater room there is for error. If you’re moving in or around Austin, movers can literally help take the biggest load off your back while you attend to all of the smaller details.

First, start the moving process by sitting down and creating a checklist. Begin with broad categories, such as “find Austin movers,” and then under each category, write in smaller sub-details. Be sure to include the following four areas, as they are the core aspects of the actual move:

  1. Choose Your Austin Movers: Once you’ve determined where you’re moving, contact local Austin movers to obtain competitive quotes. When you choose your Austin movers, you should ensure that their fees fit with your budget, make sure they have the availability that you require, and ask them what items to add to your checklist that will prove helpful on moving day.
  2. Eliminate Unnecessary Items: If you plan well in advance, you can weed out items such as furniture, clothing, appliances, and other goods that you do not need in your new home. You can hold a yard sale in order to not only rid yourself of unwanted items, but also generate some extra income to offset the cost of the move.
  3. Schedule Utility Service Changes: There should be an overlap of the time between when your utilities are disconnected at your previous home and when they are initiated at your new home. Having the move date confirmed with your movers will help ensure that neither termination nor initiation of services leaves you without power.
  4. Start Packing: Once you have consulted with Austin movers about their services and policies, you’ll know how to proceed. Determine who is responsible for disassembling tables and other large furniture. Confirm that your Austin movers will provide blankets and padding to keep delicate items protected during the move, and at what cost. Also, determine which items you may want to transport yourself, such as secure documents.

Other things to consider include school withdrawal and enrollment (if you have children), physician and dentist referrals and the forwarding of records, as well as changes to insurance policies. You must also file for a change of address not only with the post office, but also with your bank, magazine subscriptions, and other accounts that contact you by mail.

You will have various other details that are unique to your situation, so be sure to include those on your checklist. Begin early, leave plenty of time to compensate for any unexpected problems, and hire reputable Austin movers to transport your physical possessions from Point A to Point B.

If you’re in search of reputable, honest Austin movers, Texas Relocation Company operates on three core values: affordability, reliability, and honesty. Home owners have trusted Texas Relocation Company for years to relocate personal belongings, household items, and commercial goods efficiently and safely. To inquire about scheduling and pricing, call 512.835.6683 (MOVE), or for an online quote, go to http://www.texasrelocationcompany.com.

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