Are You Considering Hardwood Flooring In Naperville?

by | May 28, 2020 | Flooring

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Let’s say that you are about to move to Naperville and, because you think that this will be your last move for some time, you have opted to have a new home built to your personal design. The architect and interior designer have been chosen but you were not all that keen on their “stock” ideas and are now in the process of giving them your input as to what you want. They, in turn, are advising you as to which of your ideas are practical and, more importantly, what will it cost you to have these ideas implemented.

Filling The Bare Shell

Having sorted out things like the size and basic layout of the interior of your new home, you then start to think about what to do with all those bare floors, walls, and ceilings. Questions of color and material themes need to be answered.

What About The Floors?

Areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and carports or garages have usage-specific requirements when it comes to deciding what to lay down on top of their bare foundations. However, when it comes to the living, eating, and sleeping rooms, the decisions are very much down to your personal tastes (although budget can play its part in this). Basically, the choice usually lies between carpeting, tiling, or stone and hardwood flooring for Naperville.

Wood Flooring

Way back when much land was covered by large forests and wood was plentiful and cheap, thick solid wood planks could be used for flooring. However, these days it is more common to use engineered wood for flooring.

You can get factory-prepared hardwood flooring in Naperville whereby the wood from a lumber yard has been sliced into relatively thin (maybe less than ¾”) and not very wide strips (possibly up to 6″) which have shaped edges to interlock with each other when laid side by side to cover the bare floor surface. This is sometimes referred to as “solid” hardwood flooring.

Usually, the upper surface will have been treated to maintain a polished appearance and increase its stain resistance. All good quality hardwood flooring in Naperville will also have been treated with chemicals to deter termite or other insect attacks.

For those seeking lower-cost engineered hardwood flooring for Naperville, a thinner layer of the “real” wood can be bonded onto a lower layer of cheaper wood or even plywood. To the eyes of people in the room, this will be indistinguishable from flooring made from 100% real wood.

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