Area Residents Want Prompt Air Conditioning Unit Repairs in Ormond Beach FL During Unusually Warm Weather

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Meteorologists have reported that 2019 saw the world’s hottest month of June in recorded weather history. In Florida, May brought record-breaking temperatures and sweltering humidity, and June has been abnormally hot as well. Area residents wanted prompt Air Conditioning Unit Repairs in Ormond Beach FL if their systems quit working or began having trouble keeping up with the heat.

May and June Temperatures

In these two months, temperatures were often in the 90s throughout Florida. In June, Miami and Naples both tied their previous record of 98 degrees. Fort Myers experienced its hottest day in nine years. Up in Tampa, the weather was cooler, with the average for the month reaching close to 82 degrees in May. However, that is still unusually warm for this part of the state in springtime.

The average temperature for all of Florida in May was close to 79 degrees. That’s the highest average temperature for that month ever recorded. Official recording of average temperatures first began in 1895. Meteorologists have blamed May’s heat on a high-pressure system that stalled over the state for most of the month.


The dew point made the temperature feel like 110 degrees in some places. Winds from both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico kept humidity high even while the rainfall was lower than normal. Residents were grateful they could call for fast air conditioning unit repairs in Ormond Beach FL as the weather remained uncomfortable for weeks on end.

Climate Change?

The hot weather has further stirred up debate about climate change. Meteorologists are careful to point out that weather systems like this one aren’t necessarily indicators of global warming. Longer-term patterns must be considered instead. The rest of the country didn’t experience record-breaking temperatures in May and June, although Europe was significantly warmer than normal.

Summer Continues

Summer is in full force now, so Florida residents can expect more weeks of hot, muggy weather. When a central air unit needs to be repaired or replaced, contractors such as Arctic Breeze Air Conditioning and Heating are ready to do the work. Visit Us online at the earliest convenience.

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