Bi Fold Doors Orange County

by | Jan 31, 2017 | Home Improvement

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There are many different uses of Bi Fold doors. Some you may not necessarily think of. Great designers think outside the box and using Bi Fold doors is one way to do so. Below are some of the many different ways you can use Bi Fold doors in Orange County.

Indoor to Outdoor Living

Turn your simple family room into an open concept. Why use hinged doors when you can use Bi fold doors? Bi fold doors can be installed along the entire length of the outside wall. You can open them up and bring the outside in. Get a beautiful breeze on summer nights. This will offer you an open view. If you have a swimming pool, it will feel like it is part of the inside of your house. If your house is accented with wood, then purchase Bi Fold doors that will match. This will add even more appeal to your space.

Close Off Interior Areas

These doors are not just used for exits, use them inside also. Use a Bi Fold door to close off a study or the messy play area. As soon as you open the door the closed off area instantly becomes part of the house again. For privacy or to drain out nose, just close the Bi Fold door. If guests are coming over and you want to hide the clutter, close the door again.

Use for Televisions and Shelving Units

A built in TV stand or shelving unit is always a center point of a room. Again, Bi Fold doors come in handy to close these areas off. They create a clean, sharp look in seconds.

Bathrooms and Closets

Bi Fold doors are an excellent choice for any closet or bathroom. In a master bathroom use one to close off the toilet area. It will save on space also. They are easy to use and a great option for a child’s closet as well.

There are many different functions and looks of Bi Fold doors. How can you benefit from the use of them?

If you have an interest in Bi Fold doors in Orange County we certainly want to help you find what you are looking for. Visit us here with any questions or contact our design center at (949) 873-5453.

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