Brick Chimney Repair – A Beautiful Feature For Homes in Chicago

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A brick chimney on a home is a beautiful feature, unfortunately, like everything else they will begin to deteriorate over time. Of course there are two approaches to this problem; one is to tear the chimney down and rebuild it from scratch and the other is to bring in professionals who do brick repair in Evanston.

The chimney sits proud on the top of your roof; it is exposed day and night to the weather as well as pollutants in the air. Constant freeze and thaw cycles during harsh winters takes its toll on bricks and mortar even though you do not have the same problem elsewhere on the house. The solution is not replacing the chimney; the solution is replacing bricks that are damaged and tuckpointing mortar that is crumbling.

How do professionals repair brickwork on a chimney?

Replacing brick takes a good eye and skill. It is extremely important that new bricks do not stand out; they must be as close to the color and texture as the originals. The damaged bricks are removed by slowly chipping out the surrounding mortar, once the brick is free it can be extracted and any remaining mortar can be removed. To avoid damaging the chimney or causing any structural problems damaged bricks are taken out one at a time. Mortar of the same color and consistency is used, mortar is placed in the bottom of the cavity, the new brick is inserted and the joint is tuckpointed. Tuckpointing is the process of replacing mortar into an existing brick structure.

It takes considerable skill to properly tuckpoint. Tuckpointing is a critical part of brick repair in Evanston as it keeps moisture out. Moisture is the root cause of brick and mortar deterioration. In areas on your home where the exterior walls are somewhat protected you can expect to be faced with repair issues after 25 years, as chimneys are far more exposed, repair and maintenance will be necessary sooner. For more information visit the website at Domain Url also don’t forget to like Facebook page.

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