California’s Seasoned Professional Consultants in Cold Storage Construction

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Having supplies on hand can mean making sales or losing customers. When those supplies need to be refrigerated, having quick access is even more important. That is why pharmaceutical storage freezers construction in California can be vital for the quick and reliable accessibility of necessary medicines.

Pharmaceutical Storage Freezer Construction in California

The goal of having drug refrigeration units is to provide dependable systems in the background for maintaining drugs within their necessary temperature ranges. Refrigeration systems that go out of range are not only subject to undergo safety and product loss risks, but they also create a drain on pharmacy resources.

Pharmacists being pulled away to address an out-of-range system are invariably placing more important tasks in the back seat. Drugs with very restricted temperature ranges, like vaccines, need an environment that consistently maintains the temperature within the acceptable range.

Additional Applications and Design Options

When it comes to refrigeration, all sites have their individual storage needs. In addition to pharmaceutical storage freezers construction in California, other businesses that use refrigerated storage include:

  • Refrigerated Warehouses

  • Food Processing Plants

  • Food Distribution Centers

  • Supermarkets

  • Convenience Stores

  • Liquor Stores

  • Florists & Nurseries

  • Restaurants

  • Mortuaries

  • And More

TKS Cold Storage Manufacturing & Construction is your destination for value-engineered refrigeration and novel insulation systems. For more information about these seasoned professional consultants, visit them online for insights into their many services and options. You can also reach them by phone at (510) 652-4100 or tollfree at (800) 370-9907. Contact their sales office by email at

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