Checking Your Siding Before Investing in a Complete Replacement

by | Jun 19, 2019 | Roofing

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Before you begin replacing any of the sidings on the exterior of your home, there are a few things that you should do to prepare the area while ensuring that the best materials are used. Examine multiple areas to determine if any of the sidings on your home looks like it’s warped or damaged. If the area underneath the siding feels weak, then it’s time to contact a company about siding replacement in Cambridge, MA. Moisture can begin to get underneath the panels and the layer of wood or other material that covers the structure of your home, resulting in further deterioration.

Another way to determine if you need to replace the siding on your home would be if you see any paint that is peeling or any wallpaper that’s peeling off of the walls inside your house. This will mean that there is at least a minimal amount of moisture getting through the siding on the outside of your home and behind the walls to promote the peeling issue that you’re seeing. You’ll usually notice mold and mildew on the exterior of your home if there is a significant amount of moisture being retained behind the siding.

A company that performs siding replacement in Cambridge, MA, can check for any dry rot as this is an issue that you might not always see when you perform an initial examination of the exterior of your home. If you don’t notice a lot of damage behind the siding you examine, then it’s possible to only replace small sections instead of the complete exterior. Once you have decided how much siding to replace, consider the color options that are available and moisture barriers that can be installed to keep the wall behind the siding as dry as possible to prevent damage to your home.

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