Chinese Drywall Testing Florida-How is it Done?

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Given the potential problems of Chinese drywall, it is important to have your existing drywall tested and make sure your home is not exposed to toxins that would pose a health and safety risk. Removing the Chinese drywall will prevent additional health problems among those who live in that particular home. Chinese drywall testing is done to identify this defective drywall and make sure it is removed before causing any major harm.

Why it’s difficult to identify Chinese drywall

One of the major challenges that homeowners in Florida have faced is identifying Chinese drywall. This drywall appears like many others in the market and most of them are not properly marked. Chinese drywall testing Florida is done by taking several samples of the drywall. The imported drywall usually has some sulfur compounds present, which makes it easier for experts to identify it when tests are conducted on the samples taken.

How to test for Chinese drywall

There are a variety of methods used in Chinese drywall testing. The first and most commonly used is the visual documentation method. This method has been accepted by various organizations as the most effective way of determining if Chinese drywall is present. It involves visually inspecting various metal components in the home checking for corrosion.

Discoloration and corrosion are the most common signs of defective drywall. The extent of discoloration or corrosion will depend on the level of exposure to the toxic gases produced by the Chinese drywall. In most homes, where only a few boards of Chinese drywall were used, there will be a low level of corrosion and discoloration.

Analytical testing methods can also be used to determine the presence of Chinese drywall. These analytical methods can be classified into two methods: air testing and material drywall testing. Both methods of Chinese drywall testing in Florida need to be performed by an expert contractor, and will be done in a certified laboratory.

Air sampling involves analyzing the components of an air sample from your home. Material testing involves taking a sample of the drywall and analyzing it in the laboratory. These analytical methods are very costly. You can spend up to $2,000 on testing alone.

A visual inspection can be performed within 1 to 2 hours and it costs less than analytical tests to determine if Chinese drywall is present. This can be performed by building contractors, architects and home inspectors.

If you need to have Chinese drywall testing carried out in Florida . The construction and remediation experts are highly skilled when it comes to restoring toxic Chinese drywall in Florida.



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