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by | Jun 1, 2020 | Deck Builder

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If there is one thing that we all agree on, it is the multitudes of options available for everything. This applies to decking as well. There are many options for decking in Charlotte County, FL. You will need to understand the options, the material and the cost before making any decision for a big purchase.

Material options – decking, Charlotte County, FL

There are old traditional options, like, redwood and cedar and then there are synthetic modern options such as composites and PVS decking that are more durable. They might be more costly but have lower maintenance cost.

Pressure Treated wood: Their durability is 15 years when properly treated with water repellant. Even though they are economical, they can check and splinter when dried.

Redwood and Cedar: They are visually appealing with glowing color, straight grains and natural resistance to rot and insects. They can weather naturally and have a life span of 20 years.

Tropical Hardwood: Ipe is the most common example of tropical wood. It is twice as strong as oak and more durable than redwood and cedar. The life span is for 40 years and is resistant to insects and decay. Ironwood and Pau Lope have a life span of 25 year and 20 year respectively.

Plastic Wood composites: Almost indestructible, this is a blend of plastic and wood fibers. They are low maintenance, resist rot, insects, UV rays and are splinter free.

Vinyl: Vinyl decks have deck boards, rails, spindles and fascia. They are low maintenance without any sealers. They are more expensive and vinyl can fade and lose its gloss with time.

Cost considerations for decking in Charlotte County, FL

Pressure Treated: PT is available at lumberyards easily and home centers. They are mostly sold in 5/4×6 boards. They cost about $2.35 per lineal ft for material and $3.80 installed.

Redwood and Cedar: They are sold in all standard sizes. Cedar costs about $3.75 per lineal ft and $5.35 installed. Redwood is slightly more expensive with $7.75 per lineal ft and $9 installed.

Tropical – Ipe: This is imported and the price can fluctuate. Their approximate cost is $12 per lineal ft for material and $22 installed.

Composite: They cost about $6.6 per lineal ft for material and $9.90 installed.

Vinyl: They cost about $5.95 per lineal ft for material and $9.60 installed.

Other considerations – Decking, Charlotte County, FL

Fasteners: desk screws are cheapest options; clip-style hidden fasteners are cleaner and ​visually appealing but are also more expensive. Stainless steel screws fare better under salt abrasion conditions but is also costlier.

Cost of maintenance: Wood decking requires annual refinishing to hold its shine and luster. Do-it-yourself option is cheaper than hiring professional help. If not maintained regularly, your wood deck might need to be washed, stripped, sanded and resealed. Synthetic decks in Charlotte County, FL have a higher upfront cost but will save in the longer run with cheaper maintenance cost.

Since it is always exposed to natural elements, a durable and lower maintenance material is the recommended option for decking in Charlotte County, FL. For more information, contact Shoreline Lumber Inc.

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