Choosing the Best Option from Different Types of Garage Door in Lebanon Ohio

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Garage Door Supplier

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The act of choosing a perfect garage door in Lebanon Ohio is no less hazardous than choosing a perfect car. This is because a garage door is not just a simple and common door; it is also the safety measure for your beloved possession. Before choosing a garage door from the stores you need to go through a small research about the types of garage doors. While choosing a garage door you need to keep in mind the following factors: your budget, the space of the garage, and the number of cars. There are mainly four different types of garage doors that you can avail for your garage according to your requirement.

Swing hung garage doors

These are known as the most conventional types of garage door in Lebanon Ohio. It is operated by strong hinge and it opens outside. It is best for those who have a long driveway and a large garage. This type of door is not very popular today because people don’t go for extra-large garages these days. Previously these types of garage doors were made of wood. But with the passage of time people grew tastes for light, narrow and durable garage doors. Thus replacing this type of traditional door to other types of garage doors.

Overhead garage doors

They are most popular and in demand type of garage door. These types of doors are idea for less spacious garages. These types of door opens overhead therefore they hardly needs and extra space. This door is advantageous for those who have limited space in their drive way. Overhead garage door are light, stylish and durable. They also come with option automatic and manual. They can be electric or battery operated. But generally people prefer these doors manually operated.

Roller garage doors

Roller garage doors are most common for those who have a short driveway and a low budget. Roller garage door basically works in simple way of rolling the door in a drum over the door. It is equipped with new and improved push button technology that helps you with ease of function. These types of door also come with remote facilities but they are more expensive. These are durable and good for bad weather condition as they don’t grow in winter/rainy season.

Sectional Garage Doors

These types of garage door are also better for garage with limited space as it allows the cars to stay near the door. The door swings up and does not touch the car body even if it is closer to the door. These doors are very popular because they are stylish, light and durable. One can easily go for these doors as they come for little budget.

Before installation of the door you need to also decide whether you want an automated or a manual one. Garage doors can also be customized according to your need. Customized garage doors may be expensive but it is a perfect fit for your garage.

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