Common Mistakes to avoid During Basement Remodeling, Harrisburg PA

by | Mar 11, 2013 | Remodeling

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For most people, their biggest investment remains their homes. Maintaining the functionality and beauty of every aspect of your home comes with great pride. While it is true that upkeep and maintenance costs of properties are on an upward trend, it is also true that you cannot just sit by and watch your home’s value spiral down. You have to constantly remodel and renovate your home. Basement remodeling and finishing presents one of the most affordable approaches to adding living space in your home. Basement Remodeling Harrisburg PA offers several alternatives and options for creating a living area out of your basement that has excellent aesthetic appeal and has the potential to increase the value of your home tremendously.

If you plan to carry out basement remodeling, you have to factor in critical points such as accessibility, thermal efficiency, health risks, design options and durability. This is especially critical during the design phase. There are some common mistakes that homeowners commit when planning on a basement remodeling project. It is important to understand a product before using it on your basement. Aspects such as design plans, construction materials and their return on investment need careful consideration before making a final decision. You need to have a deeper understanding of the engineering and mechanics of a particular basement system.

Ensure that you understand all basement-finishing terminologies. This includes being knowledgeable about all aspects of basement finishing and remodeling such as lighting, ceiling and floor. Just as insulation is important in the other parts of the house, so is it in the basement. Make sure that your preferred basement remodeling Harrisburg PA uses materials with excellent R-value ratings. Higher R-value ratings mean that the material has excellent insulating properties. Such materials when used in the basement will guarantee you high-energy efficiency that will translate to big savings and comfort during extreme weather.

Another common mistake that contractors make is lack of proper planning for the management of moisture and water. Lack of the same will lead to mold formation. The materials used in remodeling your basement should be resistant to mold. Avoid organic materials such as the use of wood flooring and trim, wood studs, non-appropriate insulation and carpet without a sub-floor for shielding. Organic materials are an excellent food source for molds.

Finally but importantly, get a radon contractor to carry out tests for the presence of radon gas in your basement. Radon gas is a cancer-causing agent that is odorless and radioactive. It finds its way into most basements by seeping in from the surrounding soil. Competent basement remodeling, Harrisburg PA contractor can prevent this by sealing surfaces and cracks or even installing ventilators in your basement. Ensure also that you have an emergency exit.

Basement remodeling, Harrisburg PA will ensure that you take advantage of the location, infrastructural and structural advantages of the basement. Feel free to visit for more information.



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