Creating a Home Decor that Beautifies and Comforts Simultaneously

by | May 29, 2012 | Home Decorating

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You want your home to reflect not only your desire to show hospitality to people who come to visit by making your décor enticing, natural and inviting, but for it also to be comfortable and homey. Nothing is as powerful in constructing natural home decor as the use of stones and wood that give it a style than does not suggest exclusivity. Rather, stone such as marble and onyx as surfaces for kitchen counters or the home office can add great value to your home and be paired with marble lamps, vases, bowls, candle holders, and more.

With vases made of unique marble and onyx adding an extra dimension to your natural home decor, these conversation pieces will bring out and enhance the quality of your interior home atmosphere. Polished marble vases and candle holders offer certain functionality coupled with art that can make your home a place where people like to visit. It is hard to pin down exactly why some houses feel more comfortable while expressing affluence and taste, and others feel rigid and unlived in. The use of natural home decor tends toward the former category.

Decorative marble bowls on centerpiece tables also offer an added sense of versatility, as well, providing a focal point for an entire room. People who come in will, on some level, take in the couch, then the centrality of the table, then the bowl centered on the table. What you put in the bowl is going to speak volumes about your intentions as a host. Some of the various items you can put in a bowl to entice guests are hard candies or, better yet, fruits and nuts, limes, pine cones and acorns, or whatever you find interesting and appealing. Flower petals work well with a natural home decor look, as would a combination of rocks and shells. Vegetation or candles might also be used.

Sophisticated but hospitable homeowners may want to be sure to add a book collection – hopefully, books that you have read that exceed in quality the latest thrillers from the bestsellers list, though bestsellers are entertaining and make great conversation starters. But leather or faux leather volumes of classic books add a certain finesse to your natural home decor.

When it comes to decorating your home, express your personality, create a haven in which you can relax and escape the worries of the outside world, and provide a welcome spot for family and guests to feel comfortable in when they visit. Touches of natural home decor always bespeak class and timeless sophistication, no matter what other personal effects you balance them with.

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