Dirty HVAC Filter? When a Simple Replacement Is Not Enough

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Everyone ought to know how often the air filter in their home should be changed, but there are a few different factors affecting how often this should happen. When the filter is dirty, a simple replacement is typically the solution. However, if the filter is exceptionally dirty and there is debris built up in the return grills, you may need a duct cleaning as well. For many businesses and residents in Jacksonville, FL, duct cleaning is a task better left to the professionals.

Changing the Air Filter

The number of people and pets inside the dwelling also impacts how often the filter should be changed. On average, basic 1 to 3-inch filters should be changed every 30 to 60 days. Homes with no pets may have replacements extended to 90 days, but those with pets should go no longer than 60 days without a replacement. When there are people with allergies or additional pets, every 3 to 7 weeks is more ideal.

Duct Cleaning the HVAC System

If the issue isn’t fixed by simply replacing the air filter, consulting a local professional may be best. When you ask professionals in Jacksonville, FL, duct cleaning is often described as using mechanical agitation and compressed air to dislodge dirt and contaminants from the ductwork in an effort to clean the air conveyance system. In Jacksonville, FL, duct cleaning may involve other cooling and heating components of the HVAC system including the coils, drainage system, diffusers, and grilles.

The optimum HVAC maintenance schedule is often impacted by the type of air filter being used, the overall quality of the air indoors, and the level of construction or air pollution surrounding the home. If it’s a vacation home or just a single occupant with no allergies or pets, the filter may only need to be changed every six months to one year. In most circumstances, scheduling a duct cleaning at least once a year is highly recommended.

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