Drafty and Leaking Windows? Purchase Replacement Windows in Lagrange

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Old windows can increase heating and cooling costs. They can also be the source of numerous leaks and water damage. If the homeowners are considering selling their property, worn-out windows will also lower the resale value. Replacement Windows in Lagrange can solve these problems and dramatically improve the curb appeal of a home.

Because windows last for so long, homeowners will be surprised at how much window design has changed and improved when they contract an Evergreen Door and Window technician for new ones. After years of sanding and repainting wood window frames, homeowners will be pleased to learn that low-maintenance vinyl window frames are now the most commonly used. They never need to be painted. If the exterior gets dirty, the homeowner can use a power washer. On the inside of the home, all they need to use is a damp cloth.

The window panes are also very easy to clean. Instead of climbing a tall ladder to clean the outside of a second-floor window, the homeowner just has to tilt in the window pane. That pane is also probably larger than what the homeowner is used to. Vinyl is much stronger than wood, so the window frame is much smaller and the glass area much larger. Energy-efficient windows also have more than one window pane. Usually they have between two and four panes of glass that are separated by pockets of a safe gas. The inert gas is used because it’s a better source of insulation than air. One of the ways that homeowners can identify high-quality, energy-efficient windows is that they have an insert at the bottom with grooves. The panes of glass are placed in these to ensure that they are always the proper distance apart to create the correct amount of insulation.

Vinyl doesn’t absorb as much moisture as wood, which makes the seal between the window frame and house last longer. When wood absorbs moisture, it expands and contracts as the temperature changes. This is what eventually creates a drafty window. It’s also why vinyl windows lower energy costs. Homeowners will find a great many window styles available with vinyl window frames. They’ll have no trouble finding one that complements the style of their home.


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