Eliminating Moss From A Shingle Rooftop And Additional Services Offered By Roofing Companies In Nashville

by | May 31, 2017 | Roofing

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Warm, humid climates can encourage moss growth on asphalt shingles. Moss plants can weigh down roofing materials and damage them. The following instructions will assist with eliminating moss and preventing future growth. If directions are difficult for a home or business owner to follow on their own, they can request assistance from Roofing Companies in Nashville.


  • extension ladder
  • water hose
  • scrub brush
  • hand held rake (flexible tines)
  • waterproof drop cloths
  • detergent
  • bleach
  • lawn and garden sprayer
  • measuring tape
  • utility knife
  • zinc or copper roofing strip
  • cordless nail gun
  • roofing nails

Soaking A Rooftop And Eliminating Moss Plants And Stains

While standing on an extension ladder that is leaning next to a building, a water hose should be used to soak a rooftop. Water will loosen moss plants. A scrub brush or hand held rake with flexible tines needs to be moved across plants to remove them from asphalt shingles. If small pieces of moss or stains remain on a rooftop, a cleaning agent will need to be administered to remove them. Waterproof drop cloths can be draped across plants and grass that are next to a building to prevent the items from being exposed to a cleaning solution.

Detergent, bleach and water need to be added to a lawn and garden sprayer’s tank and mixed thoroughly. A scrub brush can be used to remove moss and stains after a cleaning agent has been applied to shingles. Clean shingles need to be rinsed thoroughly with water.

Securing A Zinc Or Copper Strip

The top of a rooftop needs to be measured to determine how long a zinc or copper strip will need to be. Zinc and copper roofing strips will prevent moss and algae growth. When it rains, zinc or copper will be released from a strip, coating shingles that are beneath it. Before securing a strip to a rooftop, a utility knife can be used to trim a strip’s edges. The top of a zinc or copper strip should be wedged underneath the bottom of each shingle that runs across the top of a roof. A cordless nail gun can be used to insert roofing nails throughout the length of a strip.

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