Excavating in Florham Park, NJ Can Be Required for New Landscaping

by | Feb 25, 2014 | Gardening

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Many landscape designs require some excavation work to create the overall design and especially so if a considerable amount of dirt has to be moved to put the design into the yard. The excavator is really a multi-use machine for making a landscape design come to life. The more beautiful the landscape design is intend to be, the more likely an excavator will be used. They are efficient and cost-effective for the homeowner.

For example, an excavator with a 6-way blade can create swales, berms and angles. Add an auger to it and it can be used to dig holes for fence posts and small trees. It can move rocks around the yard which otherwise would require a crane. It is ideal for moving decomposed granite into the yard and around the yard.

If the yard is not cleared and landscape ready, then the excavator will clear it quickly. Any trees or rocks and debris in the way of implementing the new design will be moved. Any old sheds or fences can be removed quickly. It is often easier to use an excavator to remove soil from the area where a patio will be built. Excavating in Florham Park, NJ can be provided by your landscape company.

Drainage is a concern in New Jersey when the heavy rains arrive. Excavating a trench is an effective way to install a French drain that is a water retention device which slowly releases the accumulated water into the ground. The drain can be covered up with same equipment.

One of the most useful ways for an excavator to enhance landscaping is creating useful decor out of dirt. For example, a stream can be built or a waterfall made, and a hole dug for an in-ground hot tub. New trees can be carried into the yard in the excavator’s bucket which saves time and energy. Excavating in Florham Park, NJ can be accomplished by Bednar Landscape Services.

A small excavator which is 34 inches wide with a retractable undercarriage can get through a fence gate. A light weight excavator with rubber treads can move across the ground in a light manner which will not interfere with something already in place. Any task requiring heavy lifting or moving in the yard can be handled by an excavator.



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