Explore the Stress-Relieving Benefits of Natural Moss Wall Decor

by | Sep 13, 2019 | Home and Garden

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Walk into any professional setting and you will probably find a sterile waiting area, ringing phones, murmured conversations, and plenty of stress. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take the natural benefits of a walk in the woods and bring them into this tension-filled world? It is possible to do just that with moss wall decor.

Using sustainably harvested Turkish moss, acoustic panels can be converted into lush green wall decorations that soak up sound, buffering the irritating phones and hushing loud conversations. The circles can be placed on the walls in patterns and groupings, providing a ‘green space’ within a busy professional setting. Clients can feel more at ease and employees will enjoy the relaxing Zen zone office atmosphere.

The plush, velvety softness of Reindeer moss, ball or flat moss, and the feathery sensation of Provence moss can bring the beauty of nature indoors. Choose a logo that can be created of cork, aluminum or other elements. Then have that logo filled in with moss in a variety of colors. You could also choose to cover the whole wall in the waiting area with ball moss. Visitors and clients will love the subtle shades of greens, the hills and dips, and the soft textural concept. You may even find them reaching out to touch the wall, savoring the cool, comforting feeling of the preserved materials.

There is no need to worry about the space causing problems with personnel or clients. The moss is non-allergen and non-toxic. The natural materials are also maintenance free, leaving you and your guests to gaze upon the beauty and tranquility the décor produces without having the worries of remembering to water or trim the plants. Moss wall decor will last for years to come.

Create a sanctuary within your office space and promote peaceful serenity.

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