Find the Source of the Problem with Video Duct Inspection in Westchester County NY

by | Jan 4, 2013 | Home Improvement

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Video duct inspection in Westchester County NY is one of the specialized tools that are available to professional and experienced operators of duct cleaning services. Once an individual has been trained in the proper use of the camera he is capable of looking at literally every inch of the interior of the duct work in a home or other buildings including schools, hospitals, chemical plants, the oil and gas industry and may other locations.

Ducting must be kept clean and to ensure of this, video duct inspection in Westchester County NY is often the best way to determine if cleaning is required or not. Public building in particular must have high quality air circulation and for this to happen the ducts carrying the air throughout the building must be clean, and kept that way.

There are other risks involved with dirty ducting. A build up of debris from perhaps a manufacturing process or filthy filters are a primary cause of industrial fires. There is also a risk of mold, bacteria build-up, fungus and other unhealthy conditions and video duct inspection in Westchester County NY will spot these issues before they become genuinely problematic. Air quality must be maintained to a high standard, not only for health reasons but for efficiency reasons. A poorly maintained ducting system that is full of dust and debris reduces the overall efficiency, thereby increasing the energy required to force the air through a smaller area.

A video duct inspection in Westchester County NY always starts with an onsite consultation with the owner to make an initial assessment of what the extent of the problem may be and if the owner has any idea of where the problem may lie. Usually the building drawings showing the exact ducting layout are available at these preliminary meetings. A combination of owner’s knowledge and the ducting layout allows the inspection and cleaning team the opportunity to prepare a quotation for the service and a plan of attack.

A video duct inspection in Westchester County NY uses a miniaturized camera that can be inserted into the ductwork. The camera is controlled by the operator and saves what it sees on a computer. The ducting can be investigated in minute detail, all dirt, debris, allergens, vermin evidence, insect infestation can be seen and the location marked.

Once the video duct inspection in Westchester County NY has been completed the actual duct cleaning process can commence. Depending on the situation one of three methods of cleaning are employed. Vacuuming is the most common method, followed by blowing the debris loose with high pressure air and then vacuuming or by the use of stiff brushes which are used to scour the inside of the ducting, once again being followed by a thorough vacuuming. During this process it is usual for any loose or damaged duct insulation to be replaced or repaired.


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