For Cleaning a Heating System’s Burner, Contact a Quality Heating Contractor

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As the weather begins to turn colder every year, one of the most important things on a homeowner’s mind can be the condition of the heating system in their home. Since repairs to the system can often be more costly and inconvenient if they are needed during the colder times of the year, it can be a good idea to have a Quality Heating Contractor inspect the system well before the unit is needed on a regular basis.

One of the most important elements a contractor will need to inspect on a heating system is the burner. The burner is responsible for igniting and creating way for the air in the system to be heated before it is sent into the home. This makes it an essential component in the operation of the furnace.

The best way for a Quality Heating Contractor to inspect this component is by turning the thermostat up or the heat on so the burner ignites. If the burner lights up with solid blue flames, the burner is operating correctly. If the flames flicker or are yellow and orange in color the burner is most likely dirty. Dirty burners not only run ineffectively, but they can increase the danger of carbon monoxide in the home. A dirty burner will need to be cleaned prior to the start of winter.

Cleaning the burner can be a time consuming task as they generally contain a large number of little pieces called venturi tubes, which attach to the heating manifold. These pieces will need to be removed and cleaned using a wire brush or pipe cleaner. The orifices where the tubes attach on the manifold will also need to be cleaned as well. This will ensure they are not blocked or restricting the flow of air or gas. In addition, the remainder of the firebox of the unit will need to be cleaned as well.

Once the unit has been cleaned, it will need to be reassembled. This can often be confusing unless a person has carefully laid out the variety of parts as they disassembled the unit or has experience with cleaning other burners.

Having a professional handle the cleaning of the burner in a home can be one way a homeowner can ensure their unit will operate efficiently and safely all season long. Please contact, Horizon Services Inc. Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning for more information.

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