For the Best Assistance with Water Heater Issues, Contact a Company Like Acker and Sons, Inc.

by | Feb 27, 2014 | Home Improvement, Plumbing

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When the water heater in a home stops working, it can create many issues for the household and it can be important for the homeowner to contact a plumbing repair company, like Acker and Sons, Inc. as soon as possible. By doing this promptly, repairs can be made and the household can get back to their daily tasks.

Many times when a water heater stops producing hot water, it can be due to an excess of mineral deposits, which are lining the tank. Since most water supply sources contain many minerals, it is not surprising to find this type of sediment buildup in the unit. While the sediment is not necessarily dangerous, it does prevent the transfer of heat from the unit to the water. This results in the water from the tank not being heated.

The best way for a plumber to check for this type of problem is by switching off the supply of water to the water heater and attaching a hose to the drain valve on the unit. The water is then drained from the unit into a bucket where the plumber from a company, like Acker and Sons, Inc. can check it for signs of sediment or minerals. If there is a substantial amount of sediment in the water being drained from the unit, the plumber will then need to flush the tank so this matter can be removed from the unit.

Flushing the tank is done by first letting all the water in the tank drain out through the drain valve. Once this is done, the water will be switched on and the water will be allowed to move through the tank and out the drain valve. This is done until the water exiting the unit is clear. Once this process is completed, the drain valve will be switched off and the tank will be allowed to fill with water. The unit should be able to begin the heating process and the home should have heated water once again.

If this is not successful, the plumber will need to inspect the unit further to determine if any of the components used in the heating process are faulty. On a gas unit, this will mean inspecting the burners, pilot and thermocouples. An electric unit only uses heating elements inside the tank and these will need to be checked. Faulty components will need to be replaced. Click here for more information.


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