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by | Dec 16, 2011 | Home Improvement Tips

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Visiting any industrial city, would give you an idea how polluted the environment gets, due to the production process of these factories. This mainly happens due to various processes of getting the right quality and quantity of metals from their raw materials. If these industries were to use recycled metals then it would help them and the environment in numerous ways. This is primarily because steel recycling can help a lot to lower down the chances of air and water pollution. According to experts from some of the US cities, like Camden (NJ) and Clifton (NJ) the energy required to get steel from an ore is almost four times to that needed from recycled metals. In other words, energy would also be saved if recycled metals are used by the various industries.

It is normally seen that if unused and empty cans are recycled in any of the steel recycling centers, the metal which gets extracted, can be used to make various other useful products like cars, stoves, and even bridges. It has been proved that approximately 5400 BTU of energy can be saved for each pound of metal recycled in a steel recycling center. In fact, the energy saved due to recycling metals in a year can be used by almost 18 million residents for one complete year.

According to data, the total number of cans and other metallic products used by Americans every day, can be utilized to make a proper pipe running to and fro New York and Los Angeles. It is also seen that even if 10% of the total cans used are saved, it would accumulate to around 3.2 billion in one year alone. This would help in numerous ways for both industries and general people alike. The next time you are planning to get rid of the cans in your house, better sell them to some steel recycling center, which in turn would help industries in their production processes.

The facts, pointed out above, would make any person think before they decide to let their old unused cars and other metallic products rot in one corner of their backyard. Better take them to the nearest center, which deals in steel recycling. NJ (New Jersey) is one of those states in the US where you would find a number of such centers. Choose one, which may be closer to your place and get rid of all your old metallic products for the benefit of the entire world.

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