Getting Insurance Companies to Pay for Hail Damage in Indianapolis

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Home Improvement

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Home insurance is a wonderful thing. It is a necessary thing. But, complications ensue when an incident occurs that is a little less than normal and quickly identifiable. Hail Damage in Indianapolis is not necessarily common, so it is not always on the radar of the insurance companies in the local area. When a claim of hail damage is made, an insurance company may ask a homeowner to run through an obstacle course before they believe it.

Part of the problem is in identifying hail damage in the first place. There are a handful of identifying traits. For one, Hail Damage in Indianapolis is rarely organized. It is scattered and random. The damage itself may not always be a hole that burrows into the shingle. It may often appear as distinct black marks. The surface of the shingle could be very soft, but there may not be a visible mark. This hurts the integrity of the shingle. There may be marks that appear shiny and glistening. These marks, though unique, look haphazard and odd from the mailbox.

The above applies to shingles, but not all home roofs are built in that manner. Wood is even more vulnerable to hail, and hail damage on wood is even more subtle. Hail rarely leaves discernible marks. If the hail does not break through the wood in a clear hole, it will often leave a splinter. The slice will usually be brown or orange in color. The splint will be very abrasive and sharp, which is due to the high falling velocity of a small concentrated ball of ice. The damage will have little deterioration because the impact was immediate and fresh. It leaves the surrounding space around the hit cleanly cut, as opposed to slowly worn over time. That is important is an identifiable mark to present to an insurance agent.

The insurance company may be hesitant to pay up, and the reason is because they are not feeling pressured from a client (though they should be). Often times, another reputable source can come in and hasten progress. Amos Exteriors Inc does exterior home repairs, including gutters, roofing, and siding. The team can facilitate productive communication between the client and the insurer.


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