Have The Casement Installation In Minneapolis You Need To Improve The Appearance Of Your Home

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Windows Treatment

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New windows in a home can give it the added boost it needs for appearance and reduce energy costs throughout the year. Casement Installation in Minneapolis provides a full view of the outside world without a break in the window due to the frame. They open wider than a double or single hung window. They can open to catch the direction of the window for increased air flow throughout a home. When a homeowner wants a larger opening for airflow through their home, a casement window offers it.

A casement window can make a room feel much larger due to the full pane of glass. Muntins are the strips of wood, vinyl, or fiberglass that separates the panes of glass. A single-sash casement window will not have any muntin for a better view. Another really great feature of Casement Installation in Minneapolis is they’re more difficult to break into. A casement window has a built-in hook system that fits into the window frame. Vinyl windows have a lock on the muntin between the two panes of glass that is not as durable as a casement window hook system. It’s much harder to slip a pry bar between the sashes to pry the window open.

The simple construction and sturdy frame of a casement window make them last longer than many other types of windows. They require very little repairs or replacement. The only part that usually breaks on a casement window is the crank handle, which can be easily replaced for very little money. Casement windows are typically priced very reasonably and usually installed with a fixed window next to it. They come in a variety of designs and are offered by all of the large window manufacturers on the market today.

Installation of a casement window should only be performed by an experienced window installation company like Business Name. They can work with you to provide financing and a free estimate on the window installation project for your home. They’re rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau and offer high-quality exterior repairs and window installation in the Twin Cities.

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