Hire Orange County Locksmiths for a Secure Business Environment

by | May 20, 2013 | Security

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Business owners rely on Orange County Locksmith to keep their businesses and employees safe. Even companies that aren’t open to the public have security concerns. Given the number of former employees who have returned to businesses with violent intentions, it’s no surprise that many private offices keep their exterior doors locked. Their employees either have keys or have to type in a code on a keypad.

Visitors are not admitted without appointments. If a wife is showing up at noon for lunch with her husband, the husband has to be at the door to meet her. A locked door with a security camera can prevent a mass shooting. It gives employees time to call the police and go to interior locked rooms. Employees can see who’s at the door and if they are armed, without opening the door or going near it.

Retail shops have a much different security profile. Customers have to have easy access to the products. They also have to have several exits. Local fire laws require that each area have ready access to an unlocked doors. This makes shops vulnerable to grab and go thieves. While they are rarely violent, they can cause a lot of financial headaches.

Shop owners have asked Orange County best Locksmiths to install interior panic bars on all exits. They makes it easy for customers to open them and they makes a loud noise. That can keep some thieves from using them. However, the brazen ones waltz right through. Fire marshals have agreed in some areas to allow the panic bar to hesitate for a few seconds. So the thief hits it, the alarm goes off and the door doesn’t open. Often the thief will drop the merchandise and run out the front door. He doesn’t realize that it will open in five seconds.

Unfortunately quite a bit of retail theft is an inside job. It can be hard for an owner to be in a shop 7 days a week during store hours. It’s natural to trust long-time employees, but even they have been known to steal. A live security camera will keep everyone honest. With today’s technology a shop owner, can use their iPad to see what the camera is seeing at any time.

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