How Can You Know You Need AC Repair in Lubbock?

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No one wants to turn on their AC system and feel hot air coming out. While most people do not think much about their AC systems until a breakdown occurs, it can be stressful when your system is not working. Many people end up neglecting their systems. When an AC system is not properly maintained, it can easily breakdown and cause expensive repairs and even the need for a complete replacement. If you know what signs to look for, you can know when to call for AC Repair in Lubbock.

What Signs Should You Look for When You Need AC Repair in Lubbock?

  • Your system is not cooling like it once was
  • Unit is freezing up and coils and pipes become covered in ice
  • Clanging and banging sounds when starting or stopping your unit
  • The force of air from your unit is weak

If you notice any of these signs, you need to contact your technician for an AC Repair in Lubbock right away. Running your system when it is having these issues can cause further damage and could cause your motor to fail. By having issues repaired promptly, you can expand the life of your system and avoid an expensive replacement.

What Should You Do to Avoid Costly Repairs?

Maintaining your system is extremely important to keep it working properly. You should always keep your filters changed to keep the unit from clogging or burning out. Dirty filters can cause a strain on your system, causing it to freeze up or even burn the motor out. It is a good idea to check your filters once a week, during use, so you can make sure there is no buildup of dust and debris. Your filters should be changed at least once a month.

It is also important to keep your AC unit clean. You should check the unit after storms, to make sure no fallen limbs or leaves are on the grill. You should also make sure you keep the weeds and grass trimmed around your outside unit, so it does not become overheated or blocked.

These tips can help you to understand how to care for your AC system. Should you need an AC Repair in Lubbock, visit They can provide you with all of the services you need, to keep your air cool and comfortable.

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