How to Survive a Home Remodel by Owning a Granite Transformations Franchise

by | May 7, 2015 | Home Improvement

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Home remodeling can be one of the most rewarding and most frustrating experiences that a family can go through. At Granite Transformations, we love to help make that experience a better one and we encourage others to own one of our franchises to be able to do so also. While it is rewarding to remodel, replace and repair older, deteriorating parts of a home, it is often true that problems crop up during a remodel. Depending on what is getting replaced, hidden underlying problems can become exposed as the remodel progresses, and by owning a Granite Transformations Franchise you can help others resolve these issues faster.

Here are some tips from the experience that Granite Transformations Franchise have to help get through a remodel with some sanity.

Plan for the worst-case scenario
It is typical for a remodeling project to reveal problems along the way. Sometimes the frustration occurs from delays obtaining permits or unexpected budgetary issues. Other issues are material shortages, manpower issues or required change orders. By planning for these issues to occur, you will be ready when they do, and can act quickly to resolve them. The benefit that Granite Transformations Franchise offers is that their remodeling projects are easy and fast. Most of the remodeling is completed by refacing over existing countertops, in as little as a few days.

Have extra money in the budget
Planning thoroughly will help alleviate budgetary issues, but sometimes unforeseen problems occur. If you put aside extra money at the outset to cover extra expenses, you won’t have to empty your bank account if an issue arises. A good rule of thumb that Granite Transformations Franchise gives is to add 10 percent to your total project budget for these expenses. Issues can include problems such as old piping that requires replacement, leaks that were evident before the remodel or rotted wood underpinning flooring.

Expect the unexpected
Especially if you are working on an older home, you will find unexpected issues while remodeling. There may be previous construction cut corners or drain pipes in unexpected locations. An experienced and trained team from Granite Transformations Franchise will work around these issues to create the best possible design solution for everyone.

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