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When it comes to water, Florida is a land of feast and famine. Any drenching from thunderstorms quickly dry up in the state’s intense heat. Properly irrigating your lawn, shrubs, gardens or plants can be difficult. Here are some tips for proper Irrigation in Clearwater Florida.

Check Local Laws

Before watering any plant, check your local municipality to see if you are legally allowed to do so. Irrigating plants when your community is suffering a drought can lead to high fines and legal trouble. Some areas in Florida ban watering lawns with hoses because run-off of pesticides and fertilizers goes directly into the public water supply.

Sprinklers are Best

Florida lawns and gardens do best with sprinklers or irrigation systems rather than hose watering. Sprinklers and irrigation systems help reduce run off and use less water than hoses. Contact a landscape company to get a proper irrigation system installed. These systems should automatically shut off when the soil hits a certain moisture level. This will help to reduce water waste.

Using Reclaimed Water

Reclaimed water is just as effective for watering plants as water straight from the tap. It may even be better because it contains native salts and minerals plants need in order to stay healthy. The state of Florida leads the nation in using reclaimed water.

Natives Do Not Need Less Water

The popular misconception is that plants native to Florida can survive on less water than non-native species. Not so, says the University of Florida. There has never been any conclusive studies that showed that plants native to Florida need less water than non-native plants. Keep in mind that the irrigation needs of native plants can change from year to year considering weather extremes, new landscaping or disease.

Water At the Right Time

Don’t just turn your irrigation system on at any time of the day. Turn them on only after the sun is sinking and temperatures have lowered. This can save as much as 30% of water. It’s also best to water only when it’s not windy, as wind can quickly dry up water and scatter water drops to where they are not needed.


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