It’s Only a Shower – Even a Hose Pipe Could Do It

by | Aug 9, 2013 | Home and Garden

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Maybe, once upon a time, this might have been true; but, back then, we probably didn’t have hosepipes so our shower could have been a bucket with holes in its base hung from a beam and someone poured water into it while we stood underneath. Since this is only going to be partially effective and not very practical, it never fully caught on and many stuck to soaking their bodies clean by immersing themselves in a bath tub.

Thank Goodness For Progress

Improvements in water supply and plumbing plus higher quality of living expectations led to many of us moving into homes that had their own built in bathroom(s). This made it possible to have a water supply pipe that ended in some sort of spray head (rose) which when connected to the water supply and turned on enabled us to stand under the constant flow from each hole and fully wet and wash our entire body without having to sit in our own dirty water. Additionally, it could be started immediately. The earliest examples may have been little more than a hose attached to the bathtub faucet with a rose head on the other end which we held above our heads but, everyone had to have one.

From that simple beginning, the world of showers rapidly evolved into the huge variety of types and functions that we all take somewhat for granted today. In today’s shower, the flow speed, pattern, direction and temperature are all adjustable (from very cold, through warm to somewhat hot). There are even showers which can bring safe steam into the mix. Of course, the interior designers have also become involved and some modern shower fixtures resemble something out of a science fiction movie.

Ariel Shower Units

The shower has outgrown the bathtub and, to avoid shower water going all over the place, it is usually enclosed in its own little “room”. These enclosures have become known as shower units.

Ariel Shower Units are a leading brand that takes innovation to a whole new dimension. Their units can function as normal showers but they come into their own by bringing safe steam into the equation; thus making Ariel Shower Units a home version of your favorite health spa.

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