Keep Your Home Cool and Save Energy in the Process With a Ductless Air Conditioner Honolulu HI

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Air Conditioning

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Cooling your home can be an expensive proposition if you aren’t careful which systems you buy. Window units may seem like a great idea, but multiple units for separate rooms can get a little costly and the expense of running them even more so. Plus, window units are often hard on the home, leaking moisture onto the walls and windows causing unnecessary rotting of that window or wall. Forced air units are another expensive system although they do a great job of cooling the whole building, but they are often bulky objects that can take up a lot of room. Another failing they have is the ventilation that must be run to the various rooms you intend to cool. Thankfully, there is a better way.

Honolulu Ductless air conditioner takes advantage of technology from the forced air systems such as the external condenser and evaporating coils without all of the space and ventilation requirements that central units have. They also take a bit from the window units by using smaller internal cooling units for individual rooms. Ductless air or split-ductless allows you to cool your rooms with the control you require without keeping every room at a similar temperature. This is great for controlling those run away energy costs. With your split system you can cool one, several or up to eight rooms with a single condenser.

The indoor cooling unit is the real beauty of the system. They can mount on the wall, high or low and allow you tight temperature regulation for the area or zone they are in. These units have a re-usable filter system that is easily cleanable and can last for ten years. The attachments of the cooler to the external condenser are small, roughly three inches and a very minimally invasive to the home.

The Ductless air conditioner Honolulu HI is easy to install in your home and a service team can have your running in very little time. Air conditioning companies such as Air Source Air Conditioning are very adept at installing these easy to use appliances which makes their purchase an even better choice. Most forced air systems can take days to install the whole system with workers trudging throughout your home all day long.

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