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by | Feb 18, 2014 | Home Improvement

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Have you just bought a house in Horsham and need to renew the kitchen? Or maybe your finances have improved unexpectedly and you want to replace the old, tired, dated units or maybe replace the old oven? If this is the case then you have options to consider.

Do you do the work yourself? Yes of course you can, if you are a carpenter, electrician, builder, plumber, designer and planner as the skills of these artisans are needed.

The next decision is what units do you want? The brochures you can get will give you an idea of colours but the actual colours may differ. They do not answer the questions relating to complicated matters such as “how do you fit units of 50 or 60 cm into an odd sized length of kitchen?” Or “what do you do with walls that are not straight or corners that are not at 90 degrees to each other?”

Tiles will have to be cut and drilled to accommodate electrical cables and faceplates that are needed to house the new power points. How many new power outlets are needed? Most old kitchens do not have enough and does that mean you need a new circuit and circuit breaker?

Then there is the question of a gas cooker or an electric one? All gas appliances have to be fitted by a Corgi register plumber. Did you know that an electric oven requires a separate circuit breaker? Or has to have a 6mm cable supplying the power?

Removing the cooking smells can be a troublesome issue. You have to vent the air outside which will mean knocking a hole in the wall. The vent will have to comply with building regulations.

How long will this project take, taking into account work, social needs and quality time with the family? How will food for the family be prepared and cooked with all the building disruption going on?

This of course will have to be fitted into your busy work schedule as well as your family life.

All is not lost. The solutions to these questions can be found at one of the many kitchen shops in Horsham

The Kitchen shop in Horsham, are a family run business that has years of experience. For further details call them on 01403 240855 or visit their website

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