Lamp Post Globes

by | May 4, 2019 | Home design

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Outdoor post lighting is great to light the streets of your neighborhood at night, increasing awareness from pedestrians and automobiles as well as keeping your neighborhood safe by providing light when it’s too dark to see.

At you will find that there are many shapes and sizes of lamp posts for your to choose from. From something as simple as a round globe, ranging in size anywhere from 6-24 inches, to more artisan shapes, such as acorns, macho acorns, teardrops, trinidads, and other large special shaped streetlamps.

Outdoor post lighting doesn’t have to be boring when there are so many sizes to choose from, and so many beautiful options. For example, the flames lamp offered by Lamp Post Globes is one of the most creative, visually appealing styles of lamp that will definitely mystify any street corner or walkway. Lamp Post Globes is your solution to outdoor lighting, as you will even find globes shaped like an egg, or an elipsoid. If you don’t like the round design of a globe, Lamp Post Globes gives you the benefit of being different by providing cube shaped designs.

Lamp post globes also provides a wide variety of accessories, like polycarbonate pier mounts, and different types of post top fitters made from aluminum to make sure that you are fully satisfied with your globes. As well as specializing in globes, Lamp Post Globes has a great selection of other lighting to light up your way, like LED street lamps, LED bollards, luminaires and chandeliers, string lights, dark sky reflectors, pendants and lanterns, poles and bases, as well as custom openings and other products. Don’t let your space sit in darkness. Light it up with outdoor post lighting, by Lamp Post Globes, and never be lost in the dark again.

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